Well, it’s that time of year again when northerly organisms shut down for the cool months ahead. But, the naturalist’s mind and curiosity are never in hibernation! Our Young Naturalists’ Society therefore headed east of Bellingham, under the expert guidance of PhD candidate Elisha Harris (of the Strömberg lab at UW), to find organisms that […]

Update! (06 November 2013): YNS member, Alice Popejoy, has shared a video from the whale watching trip which you can now view here. Thank you, Alice! Last Sunday (20 October 2013) the Young Naturalists’ Society took a trip to the San Juan Islands for a whale watching expedition. We had a great group of 33 […]

It is finally time for another YNS expedition! And after a long and empty summer, we are happy to announce that we will be taking a trip to Mount Rainier National Park at the end of this month!This trip will be done in partnership with MeadoWatch — a citizen science project that seeks to understand […]

Last month the Young Naturalists’ Society of the Pacific Northwest took an epic expedition through the North Cascades (4 stops, 5 vehicles, 18 people, and 114 species added to our life list)! This is the long overdue report of that expedition. May 5, 2013: A group of 18 YNSers met in the parking lot of […]