Upcoming YNS Event: Salamander Love Night

This month is our first ever night expedition and our first ever combined field trip and show-and-tell! Check out the details below:

Saturday, February 22nd — Field trip + show-and-tell: Salamander Love Night
Come to socialize with other YNSers, learn about the amphibians of the Pacific Northwest, and then (on the very same night) go out and see them making sweet, sweet love to one another. Some of the species we’ll be looking for include: Northwestern salamanders, Long-toed salamanders, Western red-backed salamanders, and Ensatina!

When: 5:30 - 9:30pm, Saturday (22 February 2014)
Where: Meet at the loading dock of the Burke Museum at 5:30pm for the show-and-tell or at 6:30pm for the field trip. We'll be driving together up to Camp Long. Please RSVP using the link below. Drivers are SUPER appreciated.
LINK TO TELL YNS YOU'RE COMING: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Av5sGM0cZoNLdGJrZGNvM2t3bEFFcmY2VGc1bWJqdHc#gid=0
Be sure to wear warm clothes and boots. This is an evening trip. Headlamps are encouraged (flashlights are acceptable)!

We hope to see you all there.




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